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 We raise Angora goats for spinners' flocks & pets.  Because we no longer show goats we do not register our goats. 

All of our does have been born on the farm are are from registered stock.  We buy registered bucks from out of state to increase the gene pool in Maine.

    Any out of state sales require a health certificate, some states require additional testing for the importation of goats.  These additional costs are at the buyer’s expense.


 2021 Goats for Sale


           Our kids will be ready to go to new homes the end of July!.

         If you are interested in buying animals please contact us to make arrangements for a farm visit.

             All adult goats & kids are current with CD&T and have official USDA tags.   A 50% deposit will reserve goats

for later pick-up.

            Our Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association Herd ID is FFF and our USDA Sheep & Goat ID is MEX 0020. 

If you acquire animals with these ID's we are the flock of origination and can provide you with additional information

 about the animals.

 Tag       Name                       Description                                                  Price



Goats are social animals and need to be with other pen mates. If introducing goats to an existing flock of sheep

or band of goats you must do so with at least 2 at a time.  We only sell single animals under certain circumstances,

i.e. companion for a single animal (sheep, goat, horse), or breeding bucks.